Practice Areas

Insurers and self-insureds throughout Texas trust the Dallas-based attorneys at Bishop & Hummert, P.C. to provide them with strong, aggressive representation designed to resolve their insurance or civil litigation matter in the most favorable manner possible. Our work extends across a wide variety of areas, including insurance defense, insurance coverage analysis and litigation, appellate practice, personal jurisdiction challenges and appeals, and commercial litigation. See below for an overview of the firm's practice areas.

Insurance Defense

In today's litigious society, any accident or injury can lead to a lawsuit when there is any chance of recovering a settlement from another party. Whether sustained by an individual or a business, a high-dollar claim can be devastating. This is particularly true for the self-insured, but even in cases where insurance coverage is available, any lawsuit must be taken seriously and either intelligently settled or vigorously defended in the client's best interest.

Our firm is regularly retained by insurance carriers statewide to defend their insureds across the spectrum of civil torts, including:

  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Products Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Workplace Injuries

Insurance Coverage Analysis and Litigation

Before the decision is made to settle or defend, it must first be determined whether coverage exists and applies to the case in question. Answering this initial question may require a detailed analysis of the terms of the policy and the facts at hand. Where the potential for coverage arguably exists, the insurer must still decide whether to offer an initial settlement and how much, or accept a settlement demand rather than going to trial. Based on our extensive experience and close association with insurance law and civil litigation, we are able to provide a well-reasoned opinion letter that provides the carrier with the information it needs to conduct a risk management analysis and determine its position and strategy with confidence.

When the issue of coverage remains in dispute, we are able to pursue the matter through litigation, seeking a declaratory judgment to determine the rights and responsibilities of the parties regarding the underlying matter. In addition, we represent our insurance company clients in claims of bad faith, which can arise in either a first party or third party context, including Stowers doctrine claims of extra-contractual liability.


While most lawsuits settle, a small percentage go to trial. Even once a judgment or verdict is entered, litigation does not always end. The attorneys at Bishop & Hummert have handled appeals in all 14 appellate courts in the state of Texas, representing their clients' interests with force until a final ruling is delivered. We understand the different tactics and procedures which apply to trial and appellate courts and are equally at home in either type of courtroom.

Our appellate work extends to all areas of the firm's practice, and includes appeals of declaratory judgment rulings on the question of insurance coverage, personal jurisdiction challenges, and all manner of civil litigation defense. Our firm is also regularly retained to prepare amicus briefs whereby interested parties can make their views known on an appellate matter and hopefully influence the outcome of the decision.

Personal Jurisdiction Challenges and Appeals

Just as insurance coverage is an initial question that must be analyzed and sometimes litigated, when an out-of-state defendant is sued in Texas courts, a threshold determination should be made as to whether the court can exercise jurisdiction over the defendant. The defendant may make a special appearance in court to challenge jurisdiction without waiving this right.

Determining personal jurisdiction requires examining complex statutory and constitutional issues and arguing these matters persuasively before the court. Challenging an exercise of personal jurisdiction may require pursuing an interlocutory appeal or other judicial review, sometimes simultaneous with a defense of the underlying matter. Our office is experienced and equipped to litigate the case from all appropriate angles and ensure that your rights are preserved and protected to the fullest extent of the law.

Commercial Litigation

With decades of experience representing individuals and businesses – from hourly wage earners to Fortune 500 companies – across the spectrum of civil litigation, our firm stands ready to handle any commercial litigation matter, from breach of contract and business torts to complex matters involving corporation and partnership disputes, intellectual property, antitrust, and securities matters. We deal with corporate matters including fiduciary duties of officers and directors, shareholder derivative actions, creditors' rights, and lender liability. We defend business and corporate clients in matters ranging from the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to claims involving unfair business practices and unfair trade practices, unfair competition, and interference with contractual relations.

Although primarily a defense-oriented firm, our commercial litigation practice also includes the representation of plaintiffs/complainants in select cases.

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